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The cost of long-term care has made long-term care planning a critical issue for many clients and their families. At Dell Burtis Law, our elder law attorneys can help you explore the options for protecting your home and your financial assets. We help you accelerate your eligibility for public benefits – or maintain your eligibility if you are already receiving those benefits.

Nursing home planning

We know that the ever-increasing cost of nursing home services is a big concern for our clients. In clear and simple terms, we’ll explain the options available for protecting your assets so you can make informed decisions about your nursing home and long-term care planning.

Some of the questions we can answer include:

  • Can you give away money, real estate, or other property?
  • If you give away money, real estate, or other property, will it impact your Medicaid eligibility?
  • How far in advance should gifts be made?
  • How does nursing home insurance impact nursing home planning?
  • How can nursing home insurance protect assets?
  • Do trusts protect assets from nursing home expenses?
  • How can I protect assets from nursing home expenses?
  • What is the difference between Medicare and Medicaid?
  • What nursing home expenses are paid by Medicare, and which are paid by Medicaid?

Dell Burtis Law can help you explore your options for asset protection planning. We’ll help you understand the complex rules for Medicaid eligibility. We are here to help you.

Long-Term care insurance options

Long-term care insurance can provide a degree of certainty and peace of mind. But, not all clients can qualify for long-term care insurance, or the cost is prohibitive.   If you have long-term care insurance, you should be aware of your policy’s features, particularly the daily rate of coverage, the elimination period, and the covered services.

If you don’t have long-term care insurance, don’t despair, as there are other options for paying for the cost of care while still some of your assets for your family.

Ohio Medicaid planning

Medicaid planning is complicated, complex and can be intimidating and challenging to navigate alone. Medicaid is an essential tool for protecting your assets, especially if you have special needs or require nursing homes, assisted living, or in-home care.  Without Medicaid coverage, you could be solely responsible for your monthly care costs.   Guidance from an experienced Ohio elder law attorney, like the ones at Dell Burtis Law, can help you develop a customized plan for paying for the rising costs of long-term care and protecting your assets when possible.

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